The Resort, Jawai Sagar

Fine Acers' Presents
The Resort Jawai
The Resort Jawai

Escape to a realm of luxury and serenity at our Luxurious Resort in Jawai Sagar. Nestled amidst nature's beauty, this haven offers an enchanting retreat where every moment is a celebration of refined indulgence.

7% Assured Return

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Free Annual Stays

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Invest in Exclusivity: Elevate your lifestyle with a luxurious investment in our resort. Immerse yourself in breathtaking surroundings, relish world-class amenities, and create unforgettable memories. Experience the epitome of opulence and secure your place in this prestigious sanctuary. Discover a hidden gem of luxury and tranquility at our Luxurious Resort in Jawai Sagar. Surrounded by majestic hills and sparkling waters, this exquisite retreat promises an extraordinary escape where luxury and nature harmoniously blend.

Secure Your Future with Our Lucrative Investment Plans

Invest today, reap the rewards tomorrow. Unlock a world of financial growth and prosperity with our exclusive investment plans.

Tent Villa

44 Lacs

Deluxe Room

60 Lacs

Wooden Villa - 2 BHK

66 Lacs

Suit Villa

82 Lacs

Pool Villas

99 Lacs

Presidential Suite - 3 BHK

1.21 Cr.

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Invest in our villas for a hassle-free holiday home that generates rental income. Our expert team will manage everything from bookings to maintenance. Contact us for luxury living and investment opportunities at Fine Acers.

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