Unlocking India’s Holiday Travel Boom: A Market Update by Fine Acers

As the festive season lights up in India, we’re here to unveil the exciting trends that are shaping the travel landscape in the country. At Fine Acers, we’re always on the lookout for market dynamics that offer unique investment opportunities. Let’s delve into the recent surge in travel costs and the promising economic prospects it presents.

The Festive Price Hike: A Snapshot

The onset of festivities has seen a remarkable surge in travel expenses for those embarking on their holiday journeys. Both airfares and hotel accommodations have witnessed considerable hikes, making travelers rethink their plans. Between November 10th and 16th this year, airfares to major destinations across India have soared, with some routes witnessing a staggering 44% increase in costs compared to the previous Diwali season.

For example, during the Diwali week, a one-way airfare between Mumbai and Delhi now stands at ₹8,788, marking a substantial 27.8% jump from the same period last year. It’s crucial to note that this surge persists despite flight bookings being made a considerable 30 to 35 days in advance. Interestingly, while last year saw 668 flights operating on this route during Diwali, this year, there’s only a marginal increase of 1.2% in flight availability, even amidst rising demand. Go First, which once operated 80 flights on this route, is currently navigating through challenges.

Another route, Bangalore to Kolkata, witnessed a significant 40.6% increase in one-way airfare around Diwali, reaching ₹10,195. Alok Wajpeyi, CEO of EasyGo, reports a 12% rise in bookings made 25 days in advance of Diwali compared to the previous year. It’s clear that the demand for holiday travel has never been so robust. Searches for Diwali travel surged by an impressive 67% compared to the preceding month. The surge in airfares can be attributed to increased demand during the festive season, coupled with a reduction in air service capacity. Go First’s planes have temporarily grounded, and SpiceJet is grappling with financial challenges.

The ICC World Cup Effect

Experts also highlight the uptick in traveler numbers due to the ICC World Cup. Destinations like Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Jaipur, and Varanasi are becoming the playground for both domestic and international travelers. Even with increased airfares, travelers are not shying away from booking their flights to these sought-after destinations. Notably, the demand for holiday travel is not limited to domestic travelers; international tourists are also fueling this boom. Indian travelers are not just exploring domestic destinations; they are also seeking quick getaways to international locations like Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok, and more during the festive season.

Economic Growth Fue    led by Festivals and Elections

Deloitte India, an advisory firm, predicts that the country’s economic growth for the current fiscal year will likely fall within the range of 6.5% to 6.8%. This growth is underpinned by substantial spending during the festive season and increased government expenditure as the nation gears up for next year’s general elections. Deloitte emphasizes in its India Economic Outlook report that to achieve its ambition of becoming the world’s third-largest economy by 2027, India must maintain a minimum annual growth rate of at least 6.5%.

An Upward Surge in Tourism Spending

India’s tourism industry is flourishing, and this festive season surge is just one testament to it. Travelers are not only willing but eager to spend more. According to a report titled “How India Travels,” total spending by travelers is poised to exceed $410 billion by 2030. This tremendous boost will catapult India to become the world’s fourth-largest spender on tourism, representing an astonishing 173% increase from the pre-pandemic era when Indians spent $150 billion on travel. India is set to lead the pack in tourism spending among Asian nations.

At Fine Acers, we’re here to help you explore these exciting trends, invest wisely, and harness the opportunities presented by India’s evolving travel landscape. Join us in this dynamic journey where investments meet adventure, and the rewards are bountiful.


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